Division Mockup

Division Mockup 2.0

DIVISION MockUp, PTC’s industry leading digital mockup solution
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DIVISION MockUp, PTC’s industry leading digital mockup solution, leverages rich CAD data to create virtual 3D product prototypes. Now, all users—even those without installed CAD applications—can fully visualize, study and interact with the product.

Usability, manufacturability, and design reviews are generally conducted across geographic boundaries and with physical prototypes. Both pose major obstacles. But DIVISION MockUp overcomes these challenges with capabilities for real-time design collaboration, analysis and simulation – regardless of location.

Compatible with Creo and many other CAD systems and graphical standards, DIVISION MockUp significantly reduces product development costs and time.

Main Features:

- Improve collaboration by conducting real-time, interactive, multi-site, collaborative reviews of entire product design
- Integrates with existing CAD systems
- Reduced cost and reliance on physical prototypes
- Improved communication and collaboration through early visibility to realistic, interactive digital mockups
- Accelerated decision making through rapid presentation of design alternatives

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